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    BAMS Admission 2017 - BAMS Colleges in Haryana

    Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and Surgery (BAMS) is an undergraduate degree course awarded after the study of Ayurveda medicine with success completion of 5 and half year program. Ayurveda is that the ancient medicine apply found and developed by India through our ancestors. Indian mythology believes that the Ayurveda medication accounts of the transmission of medical information from the gods to sages, so to human physicians. In keeping with mythological proof the Hindu God of Ayurveda is Dhanvatri, and it's mentioned within the book Sushruta Veda. Sushruta was written by Dhanvantri.


    It is not solely providing the cure however conjointly forestall the return of diseases. In keeping with the Ayurveda, there are solely 3 forms of dysfunctions or disorders in human body Kapha, pitta and VataThese dysfunctions are normally referred to as because the Dosha in Ayurveda terminology. Kapha meant Phlegm (water and earth), pitta meant bile (fire & water) and Vata meant Wind (air and space). Ayurvedic says that an individual got sick once he gets out of the harmony of same three doshas.


    The Ayurvedic system of medical aid is predicated on the thought wherever the natural healing capability of the body is being increased by the Ayurvedic medical care. The Ayurvedic treatment includes the reducing symptoms, eliminating impurities, reducing worry, increasing resistance of sickness and increasing harmony of patient’s life. The Ayurvedic system may be a trustful medical system so as to the cure, forestall and rejuvenate. Yes, it takes longer to create the patient work as before, however once the patient has been treated through this medical system, he can notice him higher than before he was.


    “BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic medication and Surgery) is an undergraduate degree programme in old and ancient Ayurvedic medical system containing the prevention and cure to the body by increasing the harmony of kapha, pitta and vata”.



    - Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine & Surgery (BAMS) is a graduate degree course in Ayurvedic system. This degree is awarded once the completion of five years and half dozen month degree programme containing the four and 1/2 year school term and one year office programme with live sensible.

    The UG degree course is separated in 3 sections of 1.5 years ever. These sections referred to as because the 3 skilled courses. In 1st skilled course the scholars are taught concerning the anatomy, physiology and history of Ayurvedic system. In second course they're schooled concerning the material medical and pharmacological medicine and therefore the final course contains the surgery, ENT, skin, obstetrics and gynaecology.

    The entire course contains the fashionable anatomy, principles of medicines, physiology, social and preventive medicines, medicine, principle of surgery, toxicology, ENT, biological science and pharmacology. The graduates use the title “Vaidyar” before their name (abbreviation is Vr.)



    The specializations in this field are as the following:

    Padartha Vigyan

    Sharir Rachana

    Sharir Kriya

    Swasth Vritta

    Rasa Shastra

    Agad Tantra

    Rog & Vikriti Vigyan

    Charak Veda

    Prasuti and Stri Roga

    Kaumara Bhritya


    Shallya Tantra

    Shalakya Tantra

    Charak Veda


    Career & Jobs

    - Day by day, the scope of Ayurvedic is overlapping to the opposite medical system not solely in India however conjointly within the world. In several cases the individuals have taken the expertise for the trustfulness of the Ayurvedic system and medicines treating for the chronic and non-healable sickness.

    In several cases, once the allopathic system becomes a failure with a specific sickness and surrenders, the Ayurvedic medicine does the magical effect to rejuvenate the illness or the patient.

    The career opportunity after the completion of BAMS is not only in India but also in foreign countries. Many organizations are working in the manufacturing and research field in abroad are requiring the professional in this field.

    The candidate having the BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree is eligible to be called as a doctor and eligible to do the private practice.

    Job opportunities also exists in government sector. One can get job in government ayurveda hospital as ayurvedic pharmacist. After the completion of this course, candidates also have opportunity to open their own retail shop of Ayurveda medicines.

    Teaching field is also open for BAMS graduates. They can find employment in private and government ayurveda Institutes.


    Job profiles:

    The job profiles after completing the BAMS programme are as the following:





    Category manager

    Business development officer

    Sales representatives

    Product manager


    Jr. clinical trial coordinator

    Medical representative

    Ayurvedic doctor

    Sales executive

    Area sales manager

    Assistant claim manager health

    Manager – internal audit



    The pay within the medical field is that the benchmark for different job profiles in numerous field. Some universities offer the regular payment around 40 thousand to 50 thousand per month to the post-graduate doctors in Ayurvedic field. Within the job an Ayurvedic professional could get the pay from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50000 according the role and nature of his/her job profile.


    Recruiters or Employers:

    Here a number of the utilization areas for the professionals WHO have done the BAMS programme:


    Clinical trials

    Healthcare community

    Life science industries

    Pharmaceutical industries


    Healthcare IT


    On duty doctor

    Nursing home

    Spa resort

    Ayurvedic resort

    Panchkarma ashram

    Government/ private hospitals



    research institutes


    For admissions and other details contact @ +91-9311707000, +91-9312650500.

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